Local Surfer Project Senegal – Osa 3 (Kodak T-MAX 400)

Graafikko Anna Anundin ja valokuvaaja Giovanni Astorinon Local Surfer Project tutkii ainutlaatuisia surffiyhteisöjä kuvituksen ja valokuvan keinoin. Heidän kiinnostuksensa suuntaa erityisesti valtavirran ulkopuolelle, tarkoituksena löytää monipuolisempi näkemys geneeriseen surffimaailmaan.

This is the last part of the vibrant travel to the culture of Senegal. For the past few post I have been presenting some photos from a photography + illustration project of the senegalese surfer life. Before I presented photos taken with PORTRA 160 and FUJIFILM PRO 400H.

The camera I used is Canon EOS 500N with a fix lense Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8. The last but not the least are the captures shot with Kodak T-MAX 400. I love to shoot black and white. The sense of timelessness and the contrast between light and shadow captured the essence of the Senegalese traditions.

Photos with Kodak T-MAX 400

We would like to thank Kameratori for providing the best analog frames to capture the incredible light of Senegal.

The photographer Giovanni Astorino was born in Sardinia, Italy. He has spent the last 8 years as a traveling surfer and explorer. Along with his partner Anna (Oulu, Finland) he is currently working on the Local Surfer Project which explores the reality of surf culture around the world combining photos and illustration. The book is due for release in Decemeber. Pre-order the book here: Local Surfers Senegal

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